I assume you're not here to volunteer.

Last night I arrived late.


Stop stalling and do what I told you.


I'm busy.

Sedat borrowed my car.

Norman was Lois's mentor.

You shouldn't talk about people behind their backs.

I do not accept your excuse.

Starbuck will be so proud.

The starving man devoured the food.

Am I still your boyfriend?

I've been rather busy.

They're shooting at me.

She knows who he is.


There's something lying on the ground.

I'll be back to check on you later.

Naoto pulled out into the traffic.

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Two weeks of heavy rain resulted in flooding.

Can I borrow your laptop?

Am I supposed to trust you now?

Is this the shop where you buy your shoes?

I'd be happy if you'd help me.


Let's just slow down.

The government should do away with those old regulations.

Do you have any apple pie today?

You'll have to talk to Kikki.

There's no need for an apology.

The new department store will be opened next month.

I watch a lot of movies.


I need to ask you one more favor.

I'll raise my hand as a signal.

Nobody knows that better than you.

Quite a few people were present at the meeting yesterday.

I started talking.

Dori would have wanted you to have this.

Steen didn't want to kiss Raj.

They consider themselves our equals.

Why is Leif afraid to go to sleep?

The blisters have formed scabs.

I didn't even see him go.


Tony's stew was so delicious that Mac had a second helping.

Sylvan always forgets Erwin's birthday.

Wherein lies the question.


One of us could help them.

Could I look at that one?

I hear Mr Inoue has put up at that hotel.


You're one stubbornly indecisive guy, you know that? If you have something to say to me, say it now, and clearly.

The ball bounced over the wall.

Sorry, something went wrong.


They need real help.

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Here in the store we sell anything.


I'd like to pay you back.

That's the last thing I want.

Vinod is still the best student in your class, isn't he?


The man glanced at the news program and was shocked.

Those aren't my rules. They're Joe's.

Please hold for a moment while I check on that.

Don't you want to know the reason?

He calls me Pete.

Rogue is the only American Heather knows whose father wasn't born in America.

Siping is calling from his cellphone.

(347) 569-4831

He will have to help his mother in the kitchen tomorrow.

Lewis isn't our enemy.

A child was run over here last night.

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Just tell me how you want it.

During the summer of 2003, NASA launched twin robotic rovers named Spirit and Opportunity.

I don't want any wine.

I couldn't get out of doing this.

Jos looked at me.

We've got to get back to the ship.

Fred wasn't impressed by what he saw.

There's nothing interesting on the Internet today.

He has to come.

I didn't help Bjorne escape.

I think Knapper is going to propose to me.


What kind of person is interested in Toki Pona, knowing that Esperanto is the universal language?

All of us play the piano.

Spend what remains of the money.

Cindie pushed the button and waited.

My grandfather gets up early.

His cough is getting worse, he should stop smoking!

They made room for the old lady on the train.


You can critique it all you want and it won't change a thing. It's over.

Marco might well burst into tears to meet his mother again.

I know it's early, but let's go home.

Felix was never found.

He has mastery of his temper.

Even a little child knows its name.

I've only seen him twice.

She loves him.

Lee said those were the conditions he had expected.

This had better be good.

Central nervous system consists of brain, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and spinal cord.

Yes, it's such a nice evening.

I don't think Angela is going to want to do that.

That's my globe! I put it where I please.

Do I seem untrustworthy?

Doyle wanted all the same things I wanted.

I've already seen that movie.

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The pond was alive with tiny fishes.


Wash your face and hands.

Judging from his accent, he must be from Osaka.

You're going to get me in trouble!

Rand is the same.

I heard that there were alligators in the sewers.


I'll explain it next time.

The police are checking up on the bomb threats.

He's a big coward.


He reported the accident to his insurance company.

Get the book.

It was lots of money.

I'm being accused of doing things I didn't do.

She has already published two books.

The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storm.

What platform does the train for Boston leave from?

Mr Smith, as I knew him, was a modest man.

There's a day left.


I ride the subway every day.

I am basking in the spring sun.

Holy crap, you're pissed off!


I will accompany you.

It is especially hot today.

Gil didn't know what Irwin wanted.

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Why doesn't he care about me anymore?

Before embarking on this type of therapy, the wishes of the patient herself must be carefully taken into consideration.

He looks like a woman.

I didn't mean to hit Judge so hard.

I regret nothing of my life.


Shai is scheduled to come to Boston next week.

This is dangerous.

Barrio said this to me.

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You will have unrestricted access to this area.

What are they?

Language can be used in different ways.


Nobody can love him.


Is that you?

The clock is made in Switzerland.

We have to do the shopping.

If you fail, try again!

Is everybody okay?

Amedeo hates sitting in traffic.

He jumped into the river in defiance of the icy water.

Here's what to expect.

When you employ him, you must make allowances for his youth.

What is this bird called?

As he often tells lies, nobody believes him.

Don't you get bored at scouts?

Corporate earnings for the first quarter were disappointing.

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Children like playing on the beach.

I'm not sending them any further.

We saw her last night.

Art is rather hard to please.

He waited for his master.

I'm not looking for a favor.

I try not to judge my friends' decisions.

A connection between personality and blood type has not been scientifically proven.

The quality of Becky's work has improved lately.

What was the name of that tune you were playing?

The teacher exhorted his pupils to do well.


Put your coat on. It's cold outside.

Wouldn't you like to come with us, too?

My father smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

The frost has melted, the sun is shining, it promises to be a beautiful day.

Let the holidays begin.

Joyce stayed at my house.

I wanted Delbert to love me instead of Beckie.

Why don't we go to the park or something?

Thank you for informing me.


Come here after you have washed your hands.